Editing that makes a difference

We specialize in nonprofit, policy, and academic research, global health and development, and educational materials. We can help you:

  • Clarify your ideas
  • Identify leaps in logic
  • Smooth out the language
  • Apply an editorial style
  • Correct typos, errors, and inconsistencies
  • Ensure that writing adheres to required guidelines
  • Create a professional publication

We offer a range of editorial services to help you achieve your goals, and we can customize our approach to suit your needs. If you’re not sure which type of editing you need, contact us. We will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Developmental editing

We help you look at coherence and flow of argument, leaps in logic, and overall organization of ideas. Developmental editing is a collaborative process in which we help you identify and solve problems of overall clarity or accuracy; reorganize paragraphs, sections, or chapters to improve the order in which the text is presented; write or rewrite or suggest new segments of text to improve readability and flow of information; revise any or all aspects of the text to improve its presentation; incorporate responses to queries and suggestions; and create a new draft of the document.


We ensure a consistent style and format, edit for overall clarity and sense, query or correct apparent errors or inconsistencies, note permissions needed to publish copyrighted material, cross-check references, art, tables, figures, and other features for consistency throughout the text, and prepare a manuscript for the next stage of publication. Copyediting can be light, medium, or heavy (heavy copyediting is sometimes called substantive editing); we work with you to deliver the edit you need.


We make sure the overall look of the publication is consistent and graphic elements, fonts, headings, colors, and margins are accurate. We query or correct any errors or inconsistencies that may have made it through copyediting and design.

Publication management

We coach you through the process, consult and follow up on tasks and timeline, complete various stages of editing and review, or recommend and supervise other contractors to carry out such tasks as designing, illustrating, indexing, typesetting, and printing. We specialize in facilitating communication among authors, editors, and others involved in a project. Ask us about developing a customized editorial style guide or editorial calendar for your organization, or for resources on training staff on best publishing practices to ensure high-quality results.

Formatting, layout, and design

Design includes page layout, typography, images, and illustrations for the overall look and feel of the page and document as a whole. We offer full professional page layout and graphic design services through a small and established network of designers. We offer basic formatting on request, alone or in tandem with copyediting or proofreading services. Basic formatting includes implementing desired margins, spacing, and styles for headings and any other specified elements (such as tables, figures, captions, headers, and footers). We can help create a consistent look for your organization’s documents.

Academic editing for nonnative English

We regularly work with nonnative English speakers who must publish in English to advance their careers. Editing nonnative English—also called English as a second language (ESL) or English as a foreign language (EFL)—is a specialized skill. We read to make sense of the research, ask questions to help you say what you mean, edit for sentence structure and word choice, and ensure that a manuscript meets publishing guidelines. We work closely with you to achieve accuracy, clarity, and consistency. Our goal is to make writing in English less daunting and to make your manuscript suitable for publication. We are passionate about helping clients from all corners of the world succeed in publishing or funding their research!

Editing for career advancement

We love to help people get admitted, hired, and funded! We edit resumes, CVs, and cover letters; personal statements and program application materials; and proposals for scholarships, fellowships, and research funding. We can coach you through the writing process, provide feedback on the structure of personal statements and grant proposals, and help you craft and revise required materials. We can also offer final copyediting and proofreading to make sure your documents are clear and clean. Note that we do not write or rewrite your materials, research, analyze, or advise on your choice of school or funding agency, or advise on the college or graduate admission process.
I love the changes you made. The copy is much easier to read and has a very pleasant flow. You worked magic. Thank you.
Suzanne Lagoni

Communications Consultant, Nexus Northwest

Thanks for doing such a careful review, even on short deadline. You surfaced some issues none of us caught on our read-throughs. It will be a much better product now.

Publications Project Manager, Center on Reinventing Public Education