Frequently asked questions

What kind of editing do I need?

We can customize our editing services to suit your needs. If you’re not sure which type of editing you need, contact us to request a free initial consultation. We will be happy to point you in the right direction.

How do I get started?

We’d love to hear from you! Please email us—we are very friendly and we’ll go from there.

We do have a list of initial questions we’ll ask when we first meet and talk about your project. Our questions will help us understand your needs, timeline, budget, and scope of project.

How long does editing take?

Well, that depends on several things, including how long the project is, what your deadline is, how busy you are, how busy we are, and how much advance notice we have. Once we agree on a timeline, we work hard to ensure that we are on time. We are happy to give you a more specific estimate and schedule after we learn more about your project. Get in touch with us any time to talk about it!

How much does editing cost?

We create customized estimates for each project we work on. We charge an hourly rate and determine an editing pace depending on the level of edit, stage of editing, and length of project. We make sure to be clear about the size and scope of a project before we start, and we check in about our progress so there are no surprises. Please do get in touch to learn more! We never charge for initial consultations.

What journals have you worked with?

We have provided in-house copyediting for the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, the Journal of Public Affairs Education, and the Global Health: Science and Practice journal. In addition, we have helped clients successfully submit manuscripts to a number of journals. For a list, please see our list of academic research clients.

Have you edited research proposals?

Yes. And we’re delighted to say that many of our clients have their proposals accepted or accepted with revision.

Have you edited CVs or resumes?

Yes. And we’re delighted to say that a majority of our clients move on to the next step in the application process.

Do you work with graduate students?

Editors can work with clients in a variety of ways (see our Services page for examples). We regularly work with graduate students who are preparing research articles for submission to scientific journals. We have also worked with doctoral students on fellowship and funding applications and on dissertation materials. In all cases, we require specific permission from the primary advisor for the type of editing to be performed. If you are interested in learning more about how editors can support student learning and success, please contact us for a free initial conversation.

Do you work with . . . people like me?

Quite possibly! We work primarily with subject-matter experts—whether they are located in nonprofits or academia. Our clients have varying levels of experience with writing and publishing. We work with people who are writing for the first time, as well as with experienced authors who have published many times before. For more information on the subjects we are familiar with, please see our client list. We will be happy to talk with you about your needs and work hard to communicate clearly and efficiently at all times.

Do you edit for clients who speak and write English as a foreign language?

Indeed we do! We edit materials meant for readers in the United States as well as research for submission to scientific journals published in English. Our clients have included researchers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and India. (Even for native English speakers, the structure of American-style scientific publishing may feel foreign to some.)

How do you keep client materials confidential?

Documents that we receive for editing, and any related documents such as stylesheets and word lists, will be shared among the three Tandem Editing partners via a private Dropbox account. We work on password-protected computers and take all reasonable care to ensure your privacy and maintain the confidentiality of materials. We do not share your documents with anyone without first asking permission and providing an explanation (such as for training or education purposes, should you allow). If you formally publish a project—that is, make it available to the public—we may link to your site or the final published version online.

I hate track changes.

That’s not a question—but honestly, we feel your pain. We have some handy tips and tricks to help with the review process and are always happy to help strategize. Just ask!
I just want to say thanks for the edits. You had some excellent comments. I revised the manuscript and submitted it to the journal yesterday. Thanks again.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Utah

The team was very pleased and appreciative of your high quality of work and the ease of working with you. Thank you again for all your help and hard work!
K. Robinson

Executive Assistant, HealthierHere