Your words change the world

We want to help

Your words change the world

We want to help

Editing that makes a difference

You want people to:
  • Learn from your experience
  • Use your recommendations
  • Fund your research
  • Teach others your methods
  • Debate your conclusions
  • Get involved
  • Be inspired
We can help you:
  • Clarify your ideas
  • Identify leaps in logic
  • Smooth out the language
  • Apply an editorial style
  • Correct typos, errors, and inconsistencies
  • Ensure that writing adheres to required guidelines
  • Create a professional publication

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For clients who are transforming communities around the world

We work with academic researchers and professors, global health and development institutions, nonprofit organizations, school districts, educators, and individual authors. We are grateful to our clients for their work toward building a better world for everyone.

Clients have included:

  • ArtsEd Washington
  • Committee for Children
  • Exemplars in Global Health
  • Health Security journal
  • UCI Newkirk Center for Science and Society
  • UW Department of Global Health
  • UW Evans School of Public Policy and Governance
  • Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction 

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Your partners from draft to publication

We believe that clear and compelling writing has the power to change the world. We work in tandem with you to deliver text that is clear, accurate, respectful, and ready to use.

Tandem Editing, founded in 2010, combines the skills and experience of editors Cindy Reeh, Connie Chaplan, and Kyra Freestar. Together, we offer comprehensive editorial support—project management, skilled editing, subject-matter expertise, and greater availability than any single editor can offer. We aim to help smart, committed people achieve their communication goals.

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Important news

On July 1, 2022, after 12 rewarding years together, Cindy, Kyra, and Connie ended their partnership in Tandem Editing LLC. We enjoyed supporting the amazing work of all our clients, and we look forward to continuing to support you in the future through our individual editing businesses. Please visit the Contact page for information on how to reach us now.

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