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Tandem Editing LLC helps smart, committed people achieve their communication goals. We work in tandem with you to produce text that is clear, accurate, respectful, and ready to use.

Founded in 2010, Tandem Editing combines the skills and experience of three editors. Together, we offer comprehensive editorial support—project management, skilled editing, subject-matter expertise, and greater availability than any single editor can offer. We’ve got you covered.

Connie Chaplan

Connie Chaplan

Superpower: Untangling meaning

Connie is Tandem Editing’s content editor, skilled at shaping words to teach, convince, and persuade. Connie has a master’s in public administration with a focus on nonprofit management together with an immoderate passion for public policy. She loves working with people who are subject-matter experts first and writers second, and sees editing as a way to help them translate deep and detailed technical knowledge into a story that will teach and inspire. In addition to developmental editing, Connie serves as project manager and proofreader. 

Connie is currently working with people who are applying for grants, college, graduate school, or early career positions. She is also available for fact checking and proofreading nonprofit publications.

Contact Connie: conniechaplan@gmail.com

Kyra Freestar

Kyra Freestar

Superpower: Listening to writers

Kyra is a line editor, copyeditor, and Tandem Editing’s subject-matter butterfly, with experience that ranges from arts to academia to activism. She especially enjoys working with writers, researchers, and project managers who are setting new goals for themselves—and figuring out how to help. Kyra provides tailored line editing as well as project management, copyediting, and proofreading. She is also an enthusiastic networker, volunteer mentor, and community organizer for the Northwest Editors Guild and the Mightier collective.

Kyra is now editing social science and social science fiction at Bridge Creek Editing, with a focus on academic editing for research articles and grant proposals and copyediting for novel-length speculative fiction.

Contact Kyra: kyra@bridgecreekediting.com

Cindy Reeh

Cindy Reeh

Superpower: Serving readers

Cindy is a crackerjack copyeditor who enjoys wrangling unruly information and creating order. Cindy is also Tandem Editing’s global health and development specialist, with a master’s degree in international development, focusing on public health, and ten years working in the industry. She is skilled at translating complex concepts into language appropriate for different audiences and sees editing as a way to better serve readers’ needs. At Tandem she performs copyediting, substantive editing, and proofreading, in addition to serving as a project manager.

Cindy’s business, Rainier Editing LLC, specializes in editing global health materials, such as journal manuscripts, reports, web content, and more. She works with a small team of skilled editors, which allows her to offer greater availability and manage a higher volume of work.

Contact Cindy: cindy@rainierediting.com

Your editors, Connie Chaplan, Kyra Freestar, and Cindy Reeh, each spent more than a decade working for nonprofit organizations large and small before committing to editing as the skill we can best contribute to the cause. We joined forces in 2010 to serve our nonprofit clients better—with first-class editing oriented to fit the needs of your team and your mission. As Tandem Editing, we partner with you to get the job done.
Together we offer:
  • 30+ years in communications, editing, and publishing.
  • 30+ years of work history in nonprofits, foundations, health research, and global health agencies.
  • Experience editing for individuals and organizations of all types and sizes, and for writers with all levels of experience—from first-time authors to seasoned publishing professionals.
  • Experience editing a wide variety of materials, with an eye to ease of use through clear language and presentation.
  • Skills to communicate clearly, promptly, and effectively throughout the entire editorial process.
  • An established editing partnership organized to meet demanding deadlines.
  • A thorough understanding of the intricacies of working with multiple authors, complex projects, and time-sensitive production schedules.
  • Familiarity with the latest editorial styles and guidelines, including the Chicago Manual of StylePublication Manual of the American Psychological AssociationAssociated Press StylebookAmerican Medical Association Manual of StyleU.S. Government Printing Office Style ManualCiting Medicine, and individual academic journal and in-house style guides.
  • Knowledge through continuing education in respectful and inclusive language, plain language guidelines, and current trends in language and publishing technologies.
Thanks so much, Cindy! You and your team are awesome!
Ruwaida Salem

Associate Managing Editor, Global Health: Science and Practice journal

Kyra and Connie, I’m diving into the edits today. I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the development of the stylesheet you’ve provided — this is going to be a very valuable tool for the entire team.
Tiffany Meyer

Director of Marketing and Engagement, EcoDistricts